Who Needs Redbull?!

Like most Tuesday afternoons, I went for a run after I finished work. Before I left work, a co-worker questioned my ability to go for a run after working a full day on my feet. To be honest, I would much prefer to run first thing in the morning, but I am not going to run before I start work at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 or 7:00 AM, which are my start times for the week. Since my run days are Tuesday, Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday, I have to run later in the day on Tuesday (and Saturday, if I choose to run that day). Sometimes you just have to do what you don’t feel like doing.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have even entertained the thought of running after a full day at work. After a day of being on my feet on a hard floor, the last thing I wanted to do was be active in any way, shape, or form. On the rare occasions that I did run after work or later in the day, I would often feel sluggish and the run would feel like a struggle.

My how attitudes can change! I used to avoid running after work, but now I go through the motions of work eager to finish my day and go for a run. Every run isn’t great, because it just doesn’t work that way at all; however, more often than not, my ‘after work’ runs are fantastic! I may start off slow and sluggish, but soon I am gaining speed and feeling strong. In fact, today I felt like I had to rein myself in a bit, because I kept moving faster than I planned.

I suppose that having more energy is just one of the positive side effects of being more active. Yes, I definitely have more energy now than I did six months ago. Going for a run or working out also makes me feel energized, even if the work out itself leaves me feeling physically spent.


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