Weigh In

Yesterday was weigh-in/measurement day. I find it moderately amusing how much I was looking forward to being weighed and measured, when I cringe and break out in a cold sweat at the thought of trying on clothes in a fitting room. Trying on new clothes is an exercise in frustration most of the time. Even though I know I have lost weight and inches, finding clothing that fits and flatters is still an ordeal. But I digress…

I was eager to see my progress in the form of numbers. My clothing has been fitting differently, and I feel leaner all the time, but it is nice to have confirmation. If the results are good, then there is the added bonus of feeling energized and encouraged on the journey.

Before I even arrived at the gym, I was confident that my weight had gone down since the last weigh-in. I try not to step on the scale at home too often, but I do check my weight once in a while. I am not overly concerned with the numbers on the scale, except for the next several months so I can make the right weight class for the powerlifting event. So I knew my weight was down, but I didn’t have a clue what my measurements would be. Feeling leaner doesn’t always translate into lost fat and inches.

Yesterday was all good news! Since I started training around the beginning of October, I have lost 22.75 pounds, 16.7 inches, and 10% of my body fat! I love looking at the numbers. I have lost 73.5 mm of fat, which is exciting to think about but also incredibly disgusting.

I do have to admit that I am going to cheat a bit tomorrow. Sunday is normally a no-carb day, but the husband and I are enjoying an overnight “holiday” at a local hotel. Apparently the hotel puts on an amazing brunch, so we are going to enjoy it. I will try to keep my carb intake under some restraint, but it’s not going to be my typical Sunday eating plan.


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