It had been roughly a year since the last time I was hit by a bout of vertigo, and I hadn’t missed it one bit. All yesterday morning I felt fine, but my surroundings began spinning by early afternoon. Walking from my car to the door of the gym was a lopsided experience. I generally felt okay during my training session, except for one exercise requiring me to balance on one foot while raising the other – that was a bit of a challenge.

I am glad that no one was watching in the middle of the night, when I gingerly made my way from my bed to the bathroom. It would have been an amusing sight! Thankfully, I had a wall, the footboard, a couple of doorways, and the bathroom counter to keep me semi-upright.

I was hemming and hawing last night about whether I should call in sick for work today or not. I didn’t want to call in sick, because really I am not sick and I wanted to go for a run today. However, I am glad that I did call in after all. The vertigo is definitely worse today than it was last night. I have been wobbly anytime I have been upright and mobile today. Moving my head sends the room into a spin, and there is a headache buzzing in the background. Even if I had made it to work this morning, going for a run wouldn’t be a wise move, which frustrates me.

So here it is 3:00 in the afternoon and I am still in my pyjamas. My day has been spent mostly laying on the sofa watching Netflix (The Croods, The Vow, and a couple of episodes of Doctor Who). Hopefully the vertigo will be short-lived and I can get on with life again.


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