Intervals Part 2

Despite some mental dragging to get out the door this morning, I did get out for a short interval training program. The program only takes 15 minutes, so it should be easy to fit it into my schedule once a week, although even a very short program has the ability to seem time-consuming at any given moment. I had more than enough time to run for 15 minutes this morning, but I still felt like I couldn’t sacrifice the time. There was so much to do, and I really just wanted to procrastinate, but I buckled down and got it done.

I had even made it easier for myself the night before by writing out the program on a scrap of paper, so I could carry it while I ran. The program involves alternating periods of jogging and sprinting in ever-increasing increments of time, but the jogging increases in 30 second intervals while the sprinting jumps by 10 second increments. That’s far too complicated for me to keep track of without some kind of a cheat sheet as I run! I even noted the total running time for each interval, so that I wouldn’t have to do mental math while running. So, when my timer read 50 seconds, I knew that I would sprint until it read 1:50. I thought I was so smart!

Of course, right about the time that you think you are so smart, you realize that you made a mistake and you really aren’t as smart as you thought you were! I had barely started my first sprint, when I realized that I had made an error in my time calculations. Instead of a 30 second jog, a 20 second sprint, and a 60 second jog equalling 1 minute, 50 seconds, I had it noted as 1 minute, 10 seconds! All of a sudden my entire cheat sheet was wrong, and I had to do mental math on the run.

I felt a little guilty when I passed another runner without acknowledging him, even though I am fairly certain he called out a greeting to me, because I was in the midst of mental calculations and couldn’t run, think, and speak at the same time.


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