I enjoy the fact that there will never be a gym full of people at one of my training sessions. There isn’t space for too many people, and my trainer works with up to, I believe, three people at a time. That works for me! Walking into a gym full of people is rather intimidating and stressful. Been there, done that, and hated it!

There were two new faces at my training session this morning which was nice. For the most part, I was focused on what I had to do and only caught the odd snippet of conversation coming from the new ladies. When I was probably 3/4 of the way through my work-out, one of the women commented that she wanted to be me!

Not many people, if any, have ever expressed a desire to be me, so I am highly amused by the comment. She was watching me work-out and wanting to be at the same place. I get that, even if I don’t think I am worthy of someone’s aspirations. Where I am at now is the result of four months of training and a few months of sticking to an eating plan. It hasn’t all been easy; I’ve worked hard to get this far and there is hard work yet to do.

But yeah, hearing that comment still totally made my day!


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