Change Up

I started a new training program today. While I will miss doing some things, I definitely won’t miss the push-ups, although I would do them if they were on my program again. (But don’t tell my trainer that! It’s all part of that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ thing.) Change is good though, and I am looking forward to whatever torture Michael has in store for me. My body might not feel quite the same in a day or two though.



2 thoughts on “Change Up”

  1. just wondering…if you train hard one day do you skip the next day? I am trying to do something everyday at least 15 minutes even if its just climbing the stairs at work.

    1. I train for about an hour on alternate days, so Monday, Wednesday, Friday generally. My trainer creates a program for me and changes it up every month or so, but he’s also very good at making adjustments on the fly depending on how I am feeling or what other activities I have been doing. Last month’s program had an upper body day, a leg day, and a whole body day, but every day had some conditioning at the end. My goal is to run 2 or 3 times a week on my non-training days, although some weeks I only manage one run.

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