Making Contact

Today was my first time putting in my contacts on my own. I set my alarm for 4:20, so that I would have a half-hour to work at putting the contacts in before I went about my normal pre-work routine. After the numerous attempts to put them in at the optometrist’s office, I figured that I would need most of that half-hour this morning, even though I went to sleep praying that the process would be much easier. As is often the case, I was worried over nothing. I woke up about ten minutes before my alarm and decided I may as well get up and get started. The first contact went in perfectly on the first attempt! The second lens took three attempts, which was still considerably faster and easier than I had expected. Five minutes after I woke up, I could see! The downside to my success was that I now had an extra half-hour to sit in my mostly dark and sleeping house before leaving for work. At least I know that I don’t need the extra time anymore!

I am still adjusting to the strangeness of being able to see everything without my glasses on. First thing at work this morning I had to count the tills from the previous day. As I began counting nickels, I had the strangest sensation that the nickels were larger than they should be. The dimes seemed larger, and so did the quarters. Of course, they weren’t really bigger, but the sensation persisted all day.

It is wonderful having the ability to see even with my peripheral vision! I am used to my peripheral vision being fuzzy, because I can only see clearly through my glasses. With contacts, I can see everything. The flip side is that when I take my contacts out and put on my glasses, the walls seem to be moving in on me as my peripheral vision is no longer in sync with my forward vision.

I had a shower after work today, and even that was a novel experience. I could actually see as I shaved my legs!

There is still the frequent impulse to pick up my glasses and put them on. Every time I got up from the desk at work, I wanted to put on my glasses. After my shower, I reached for my glasses. Sometimes I put my hand to my face to adjust the glasses that aren’t on my face.

My family isn’t too sure how they feel about me wearing contacts. Kane’s initial reaction was that he didn’t like it, but he has never known me without glasses. It is definitely an adjustment, even for me. I am not sure that I like the way I look without my glasses right now, but I also know that I am my very own worst critic and could find numerous flaws in the way I look regardless of whether I am wearing glasses or contacts.


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