With New Eyes

Life is looking clearer this afternoon, although it presents a weird sensation that something just isn’t quite right.

After a couple of years of procrastinating on seeing an optometrist, I finally made an appointment which happened to be this morning. I found a new eye doctor, and he is great! My eyes are healthy, although I do have a new prescription for my glasses.

I have been wearing glasses since I was in sixth grade, which is a very long time. I wear my glasses all the time, except when I am sleeping or in the shower, of course. My glasses are a part of me, but there have been times when I have wondered what it would be like to not have to wear them all the time. In all the years of wearing glasses and seeing optometrists, the subject of contact lenses has never once been broached, and I don’t know why not!

Since I was starting fresh with a new eye doctor today, I thought I would mention that I was interested in the possibility of contact lenses. To be perfectly honest, I expected him to say that contacts would not be possible for me, so I was surprised when he said that I could wear contacts. He went ahead and measured my eyes, and then I had the frustrating pleasure of learning how to put them in and take them out. Talk about a lesson in patience! But I did eventually succeed in putting them in, taking them out, and putting them back in again. Trying on new frames was never as easy as it was today! Normally I can’t see when I try on new frames, but this time I could see perfectly.

So I have been glasses-free since about noon, and I am still getting used to the strangeness. I will find myself reaching to pick up my glasses from the table, as if I had taken them for a few minutes and set them down. I find myself staring at random things, because I am amazed that I can see it clearly without wearing my glasses. This is a strange new world.

Right now I just have a ten-day sample of two different brands, one for each eye, so I can see which one works best for me. I don’t know yet how frequently I will wear contacts. I guess I’ll see how they feel after several days before making a decision. I will not be wearing them tomorrow though, because I don’t want to get up a half-hour earlier than my 4:15 wake-up time in order to get the contacts in!


One thought on “With New Eyes”

  1. Haha, I love the part with the contacts, it´s so true! It took me actually so long the forst time I put them on that the doctor had to put them in himself o.o It will get way easier with time, just takes a lot of practice… and tears

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