Strong Days

Some days you just feel lean, strong and invincible, ready to take on the world or at least some of the disasters lurking in corners of the house! I cannot explain it, but I have kind of been feeling this way for all 8 days of the year.

I had such a great birthday that I am likely still feeling euphoric about it and with good reason. Getting older doesn’t stress me out too much, but I am incredibly excited for what this year has in store for me. Being 42 means almost nothing, because I certainly don’t feel like I am much older than I was twenty years ago! In fact, I know that I am healthier and in much better shape emotionally and physically than I was twenty years ago. It is a great feeling to be comfortable in your own skin!

I had a great training session this morning. It was an upper body day, which isn’t really my favourite, but I surprised myself a bit in a good way. Of course, my arms feel like limp noodles right now, but it really was a good work-out! That’s the great thing about my training sessions…no matter how stiff, sore or weak I feel after training, I feel energized and capable.

I have also been listening to my power music, which is really just music I like with a good beat and lyrics that pump me up or push me on when I am running. I don’t listen to music in the house very often, because I love soaking up what little silence can be found in this house. But music is a powerful motivator for me, so I am enjoying it today.

A regular customer told me yesterday that he and his wife are going to have to start calling me Slim! That made my day! Maybe that will spur me on to stop procrastinating on sewing a button on the smaller pair of work pants that are hanging in my closet, so I can ditch the pair I have been swimming in for the past couple of months! I have everything I need to do that simple task, but I either forget or put it off. Honestly though, I need to just do it. And find a smaller belt!


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