A Surprise Birthday Bash

We don’t always make a big deal out of birthdays. Sure, we acknowledge them and try to do something to make the day special, but we are generally low-maintenance kind of people who don’t require all sorts of glitz and glamour to celebrate. But I do have to say that sometimes it is rather nice to have an extra splash of special, and yesterday’s birthday celebration was everything I could have hoped for yet did not expect!

I was silently hoping that my husband would plan something outside of the usual for my birthday, but I honestly did not expect that to happen. I know he would think that I wouldn’t appreciate a big fuss. While there is an ounce of truth in that, I must admit that there are occasions when even an introvert wants to be surrounded by friends and celebrated. So long as the occasion isn’t too over the top, that is!

So, I got ready to head out for dinner last night with my husband, thinking that this would be just another dinner out just the two of us with the likelihood of a sparkler on my dessert. I had no reason to expect otherwise. From time to time I have occasion to look at my husband’s cell phone, and there has not been anything suspicious, and most of my friends’ contact information is on my cell phone or tucked away in an old address book somewhere. My husband is a capable guy, but he’s also been busy and wouldn’t know where to find such information. Or so I thought.

We were ushered to our table at the restaurant, where I was surprised to see one friend waiting at the table. Kane goofed a little and we were early, but I was definitely surprised! There was room for 10 people at the table, and I told Kane that I didn’t want to know who was still to come. I knew one couple for certain would be there, but I wasn’t so confident in my guess-work on the rest. So I was surprised again with the arrival of each new person, and I was glad to see each face! Aside from a few faces missing due to illness and previous commitments, I couldn’t have asked to celebrate my birthday with anyone else! The company was excellent. It was my cheat day, and the food and Bellinis were great. My only complaint would be that I couldn’t really chat with everyone well, because of the way the tables were set up.

The entire day was fantastic! This could easily be the best birthday I have ever had. My husband managed to surprise me in the best way possible!


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