Today is my 42nd birthday. It sounds a little strange to say that I am 42, because I certainly don’t feel like I am as old as that, which isn’t to say that 42 is old! It’s not really, and I don’t mind saying how old I am. Like wine and cheese, I feel like I am getting better with age!

The day isn’t over yet, but it has been a good day so far. I slept well enough last night. When I walked into the office at work first thing this morning, I was greeted by a Star Wars balloon bouquet. I laughed out loud, but no one was around to hear me. The work day was excellent, although somewhat slow. Saturdays are my most favourite work day, and today was a good one despite the work nightmare I had last night.

The rest of the afternoon has been laid-back. I had a shower, went to the health food store with my husband, caught up on Facebook birthday wishes, and watched the Star Wars marathon on TV. Soon we’ll be going out for dinner, and I am almost to the point of starving!

But just a few minutes ago, I registered for a marathon in October. I had been thinking about doing this for a while now, and, in fact, I had thought I would register on New Year’s Day as it seemed it might be appropriate. Yet, as I navigated to the registration page, my stomach began twisting and rolling, my heart began beating a little faster, and I am sure my hands began to sweat. Even though I know I want to do this (at least once), the thought terrifies me! 42.2 kilometres is an awfully long distance to run, and I have some difficulty imaging that I can actually do this. The race is 9 months and 8 days away, and I am already nervous and stressed, but I think it is in a good way. Although I did pay the extra fee to get a massage following the race…I’m sure I will need it!


One thought on “42”

  1. You have a right to be anxious because 42 kilometers is a long way. There is always something to fear. This is what someone told me, ” The next you should do is the very thing you are afraid to do”. It kind of put some thins things into perspective. I not saying go sky diving or bingo jumping . But maybe there is some preparations you could do before this run takes place. Start fast-walking in the evening. Drink lots of water. watch what goes into your body . No fast food. Lots

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