This & That

This post might end up being a little disjointed, and it will definitely be random. I have been up since 3:45 AM, worked a full day, had a good work-out, and, by the time I finish this post, it will be past my bedtime. It is pretty much past my bedtime already, and it is only 7:30 PM. But tomorrow is my work Friday, so I can sacrifice an hour of sleep. I say that now, even though I may regret it when the alarm goes off at 4:00 in the morning.

My shoulders and lower back are quite sore from doing 145 pound deadlifts on Saturday. This was a personal best weight, up 10 pounds from the previous week. Last week felt relatively easy, while the 145 pounds definitely felt harder. I will survive, but I’m bending over slowly at work. My co-workers are used to my groaning and slow, uncomfortable bending/kneeling these days.

On New Year’s Day I am running in the Running Room’s Resolution Run 5K. This is how I have rung in the New Year for the past few years, although I was unable to take part last year as I was recovering from surgery. It is a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to this run. I think it will be a good one, because my running has been getting stronger and easier. The course is mostly on a gravel path, which means ice will likely be a factor, but I have grips to keep me on my feet.

It is official: my daughter is in a relationship! He’s a good kid with good parents, so we aren’t too concerned. However, Kane suddenly isn’t so certain of how he feels about his little girl being in a relationship. Really, he’s okay, but this is new territory for us.

I am amazed every single day as I get notifications of new blog followers virtually every day. There are currently more than 200 followers of this little blog, and that boggles my mind! I don’t understand it, and I am sure that one day this little dream that I am in will end.


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