Christmas Preparations

Christmas is a mere six days away, and I think I am ready. Mostly. My gift shopping and wrapping is practically finished. I am still struggling to come up with a birthday gift for my youngest son. His birthday is on Monday, and he hasn’t been very helpful with ideas, shooting down everything I come up with. He also isn’t very helpful in telling me what he wants to do for his birthday: go out for dinner, choose a favourite meal for at home, have friends over and order pizza, etc. The only detail he was fairly firm on was an ice cream cake. <sigh>

I moved the frozen turkey into the refrigerator today, so that it can thaw. There are a few grocery items that I will still need to pick up, because I didn’t get my act together for previous shopping trips and thought I could just wing it without a list. Silly me!

I finally called to make a hair appointment for Saturday after I finish work. My hair has been crying out for a cut and colour for months, but I tend to procrastinate on hair appointments. There really is no excuse. My hairdresser is my next door neighbour. I just have to walk a few steps from my house to get my hair done. But there just never seemed to be enough time. Now I am frazzled by split ends, and the silver streaks are catching my eye when I walk past a mirror. I thought I’d wait until right before my birthday, but then I realized that with the way the Christmas and New Year’s fall in the middle of the week, that I really don’t have time to wait until right before my birthday! Between the holidays, work, and working out, getting my hair done is a now or after my birthday kind of thing!

Yesterday I pulled out the evil candy cane puzzle that I received from my son a couple of Christmases ago. I should have started it earlier, but chalk it up to just another thing that kept slipping my mind. I love puzzles, but this particular puzzle is, without a doubt, the hardest puzzle I have ever done. Most of the time I can complete a 1000 piece puzzle in a day or two, three at the most. This puzzle took me about a month the first time I put it together, the only time I have put it together! My son is so proud to have found a puzzle that is such a challenge for me.

I love Christmas music, and I’ve been enjoying listening to it as often as I am able. I have to say though that listening to Annie Lennox sing The First Noel hurts my ears. She has a unique voice, which I do like, but I cringe every time that song comes up on my playlist.



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