A Little Wine

Kane and I have been invited to a wine & cheese party tonight. I can’t say that I have ever been to a wine & cheese party. I also can’t say that I really like wine, but I think it should be a good time nonetheless.

My biggest dilemma, as someone who doesn’t drink wine, was what wine to bring to the party. What do I know about wines? There is white and red, dry and sweet, but that is about the extent of my knowledge. I could list a few types of wine, but the names mean nothing to me. I also know that experts would know the proper types of cheese to serve with the proper type of wine. I am not that person! While my knowledge of cheeses is somewhat broader than my knowledge of wines, I am still a fairly simple girl with simple tastes.

I had considered bringing a bottle from Young & Wyse vineyards, because I quite like the name of the winery. However, I could only find a Merlot, which is supposedly best paired with blue cheese, and I just can’t bring myself to do blue cheese. So I roamed the aisles of the beer & wine store, looking for something that might catch my fancy, because the only way I know how to pick a bottle of wine is by a funky name and/or bottle.

Barefoot looked appealing to me, because I love being barefoot. I might have selected one of their wines, but it was a Californian wine. There is nothing wrong with a Californian wine, I am sure, but I happen to live in an abundant wine region and would prefer to buy a BC wine.

Painted Turtle was kind of cute, but I kept on looking, not wanting to miss something better. Then I found Dirty Laundry. I liked the name. It was a BC wine from my own Okanagan Valley, and the bottle was funky. It is a rose wine, which means nothing to me, but it looks pretty. Good enough for me!


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