I cannot believe that November is just about over. Barring an absolute brain-drain tomorrow, I should successfully complete the challenge to blog every day in November. It has been an interesting month of juggling busy schedules, but I think we can breathe a little deeper in December. Life will still be busy, of course, but maybe just a little bit less so.

At this time last year I was freshly home from the hospital following a hysterectomy and looking at six weeks of recovery. My Christmas shopping had been completed in the two-weeks prior to my surgery. What a difference a year makes! I haven’t even begun to think about Christmas shopping yet. Last year I had powerful incentive to get it done quickly, but this year there is no incentive whatsoever.

I am beginning to feel the stirrings of Christmas spirit. I bought Christmas cards the other day and have mentally begun making a list of where I need to send them. That same day I also bought some wrapping paper, although I have nothing yet to wrap. Last year I did no Christmas baking, but I have begun browsing my favourite healthy recipe websites for cookie recipes that would be suitable for the holiday. I have even begun having thoughts about my Earl Grey truffles, which will make several co-workers quite happy since I didn’t make them last year.

But I think I will let November pass completely before I begin making too many lists of things to do before Christmas!



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