Being Canadian I celebrated Thanksgiving last month, but being thankful should be an ongoing sort of thing. So what am I thankful for today?

  • an intriguing book that arrived in my mailbox yesterday (Samson: A Savior Will Rise by Shawn Hoffman)
  • the ability to learn something new (knitting) despite always thinking I could never do it
  • sunshine and blue skies in late November
  • flannel sheets, warm and soft, even though my fleecy pyjamas stick like Velcro when I want to roll over
  • enjoying a clean chocolate cupcake yesterday that didn’t blow my carb allowance for the day
  • my picky child eating several of those same healthy cupcakes
  • I can have some carbs tomorrow
  • I can have lots of carbs on Saturday!
  • I am actually not minding my no carb days most of the time
  • Abby had an excellent report card-straight A’s
  • Casey is almost done his first term of university
  • no mice sightings for a while now
  • needing to use the last notch on my belts (the good last notch!)
  • a weekend of work that might be a little insane but satisfyingly good
  • that skipping, the ab wheel, and push-ups are only a once-a-week occurrence at the gym right now (but I really shouldn’t say that too loudly)
  • new music playing in my car

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