Today is my Friday, and I am so glad to see it! Both today and yesterday felt like incredibly long and drawn-out days. I had a headache most of yesterday, and I got another headache just a little while ago. I am tired and a wee bit moody. My right wrist hurt a lot yesterday, like carpal tunnel pain, and I wasn’t happy about that one bit. Now both my elbows hurt, but especially the right one. I am hoping that I simply over-extended while swinging a kettlebell late in last night’s workout, but I am not very happy that the pain is still an issue today. Mostly I am frustrated by the wrist pain, which is quite likely fuelled by the fact that I am so tired.

But I did get out for a short run after work this afternoon! It was only 2 kilometres, but I ran the entire distance with only a brief rest while waiting for a traffic light to change. It wasn’t my fast time for 2K, but it was close. There was no indication that I had not run for nearly 3 weeks! My pace was easy, steady, and I never once felt strained or lacking in endurance. My hamstrings are sore from my last two workouts, but I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during my run. Not even from my shins! It was an excellent run.

I can sleep in tomorrow until the amazing time of 7:00 AM! Yeah, I know that really isn’t ‘sleeping in’, but, when you wake up around 4:00 on work days, every extra hour is precious. The rest of the day will be mundane. Laundry, catching up on the housework that falls by the wayside all week, maybe baking some cupcakes (yum!), possibly squeeze in a nap before my workout…



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