Music Machine

A couple of weeks ago I decided to change the CDs in my car, as the same 6 CDs had been in the car for over a year. Now my CD collection is rather small. I like to think that at least my selection is varied, but I am sure that the argument could be made against my position. I seldom buy CDs. For a long time, I was picky about buying CDs, because I didn’t want to buy an entire disc when I might only really like one or two songs. Now I have iTunes and purchase and download songs onto my laptop and iPod. When I listen to music at home, it is usually from my laptop. We have a CD player, but I have to confess that the discs currently inside it are Christmas ones from last year.

Although I frequently prefer driving in silence, or often in conversation with myself, I recently had the urge to start listening to music in the car again…and not the radio! As I was sifting through my CDs, I discovered that I was missing one of my most favourite albums, Falling Forward by Margaret Becker. I searched through my shelves at least three times and even dared to venture into my daughter’s room in the faint hope that she might have snagged it. She didn’t, although I am operating on assumption here, because her room is a disaster zone. Then this weekend, as I listened to music on my iPod, I realized that I did not see another CD when I had been sorting two weeks earlier. This time I’m missing a Bare Naked Ladies album.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what could have happened to those CDs, and the only thing I can come up with is that fateful day in June, 2008, when our van and a deer got intimate. The van was a write-off, but I was certain that we had claimed anything of value from it that very same day. I thought we did, but I cannot imagine where at least two CDs could have gone. It also makes me wonder if I am missing more CDs. And how sad is it that I didn’t even realize it the loss until more than 5 years later!

I downloaded my favourite CD from iTunes, and I purchased a gadget that allows me to play my iPod through my car’s speakers.  I am currently stuck in a phase of listening to the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack and favourite songs from the 80’s and 90’s. That makes me happy!


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