Strange Happenings

Is there a full moon? April Fool’s Day? Perhaps there are cameras for some prank TV show hidden in my living room? Because I cannot explain what has been happening, and it feels kind of strange.

A couple of weeks ago, I might have had a grand total of 3 followers for this blog, which was perfectly fine by me. I blog for myself really, and I can’t comprehend why anyone would want to follow my blog. I blog because I enjoy it, and because it is sometimes easier to do than physically writing in my journal.

But two weeks ago something changed. I started receiving notifications from WordPress that this person and that person were now following my blog. Okay, I thought, but the notifications kept coming. Ten, twenty, thirty, and now I am up to 50 followers…

Since November is the big month for NaBloPoMo, I am sure that these new followers have come from my involvement there. Still, it is kind of exciting, thrilling, and leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy until I start thinking about the pressure that I will now feel to produce something worthy of a following. Suddenly followers feel intimidating and oppressive. I don’t think I am capable of producing follow-worthy blog posts on a regular basis.

But what is the worst that could happen? They get bored, disinterested and they stop following my blog! I could survive that. I blogged in oblivion for years, and I could do it still. Or, I could stretch myself a little further out of my comfort zone and see what happens!


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