Provincials Bound?


We are home from a whirlwind of a weekend of volleyball, where our daughter’s  high school team played at the Valley championships in the hopes of earning their way to the Provincial championship tournament next weekend. The round robin portion was yesterday, and Abby’s team won the first of two games quite easily but lost the third game in a close tie-breaker set.

Today was the play-off portion. Our first game was a ‘must win’ game in order to advance. We won and moved on to the semi-finals, where we won the first game, and lost the second because most of our team made too many careless mistakes. It came down to another close tie-breaker. We should have won that game, but there were several painfully obvious mistakes made by the referees which cost us crucial points. It was frustrating to lose that match because of the refereeing errors, but there wasn’t much that could be done about it.

So, we moved on to the bronze medal final, which we were surprised to learn was against the team we lost to in the round-robin portion. They are a very strong team, and it was quite the upset to see them playing for third/fourth place. We won the first set. The second set was very close but we lost, so there was yet another tie-breaker set. Again it was too close for comfort, but we managed to come up with the win.

With our third place win comes the opportunity to go to Provincials next weekend. It would be a good opportunity, but the team needs to first make the decision to go or not. Hopefully they will reach that decision by Monday night.

It was a quick and enjoyable weekend, but I am glad to be back at home tonight. It is only 7:30, yet it feels so much later. We are sitting in the dark watching the Fellowship of the Ring. In the dark, because my kids think that movies must be watched in the dark, even though I often like to multi-task while watching movies that I have seen dozens of times before. Today is my “big carb” day, and I haven’t had nearly enough; however, it was not a typical Saturday and I might have been a little too conservative with the carbs earlier in the day. It’s going to take some adjusting to get used to these once a week high carb days after three no carb days and three moderate carb days.

By the way, Abby is the one serving in the photo. She only came in as a substitute to serve for one player, but she did her job well and served for quite a few points throughout the weekend, including a run of 7 points to win one set!


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