One More Day

Here I am at the end of Day 6 of no carbs. A headache has been building for the past couple of hours, and I am grouchy. I am also very tired, which probably doesn’t help the headache, my attitude or my mood.

We just got home from a quick trip to the grocery store. Walking the perimeter of the store was depressing, frustrating, and forced me to fight off an urge to cry. (I’m fairly certain that emotional moment was courtesy of the headache and exhaustion.) The bakery department had so many wonderful looking desserts that I could only touch with my eyes. My husband wanted to grab a bag of potato chips. I glared at him, but he bought some anyway.

I have one more day to go, and then I can eat some carbs three days a week, no carbs three days a week, and on one day I can eat what I want. I cannot wait for Monday, so I can eat some carbs. Food fantasies have been creeping into my thoughts. Believe me, I love meat, but I want to eat something soft, mushy, crunchy, sweet…pasta, potatoes, French fries, potato chips, ice cream, baked goods, bread, soup, oatmeal. At this point I just want something, anything that I haven’t been allowed to have all week!

The week without carbs hasn’t been too bad though. I feel physically lighter, and I am fairly certain that I’ve lost a few pounds. The all too frequent bloated feeling has been absent. In general, I have felt really good. A very mild headache on Day 2 and 3 and today’s stronger headache today have been my only physical complaints.

But today, I am glad to have one more day of eating just meat and fat! (My husband just sat down with a bowl of chips and is munching away without even noticing the death glares I am sending his way.)


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