Today is a run day, but I tried something new on the advice of my trainer. Instead of just going for a long run, I did a short and fast workout at the track.

sprint 400 metres, rest 4 minutes, sprint 300 metres, rest 3 minutes, sprint 200 metres, rest 2 minutes, and finally sprint 100 metres

I read running magazines and articles, so I know that runners should mix-up their training with hills, sprints, and such, but I have been mostly content to just putter along. On good days I might run a little faster or up a small hill, but not with any consistency. When the shin splints were an issue, I would avoid hills like the plague, and I was happy just to stumble my way to the end point. Those alternate training methods were something that I always planned on doing when I was stronger and my shins were healthy.

I guess today is that day!

It is a rainy day, but that doesn’t bother me. I went to the local track, because it is so much easier to measure short distances there. November isn’t exactly prime season for the track, so I had it all to myself. Unfortunately, I am fairly certain the track will close once snow arrives, so I might have to map out the appropriate distances for future reference.

The 400 metres was tough. I probably started out a little too fast, even though I was supposed to go fast. But I still managed to finish that lap in about half the time it would normally take me. The 300 metres was only tough at the end. The 200 metres was okay. The 100 metres was awesome! I haven’t run that fast for a long time. It took me 20 seconds to run 100 metres, which isn’t world record-breaking, but it is good enough for me.  For now!


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