I’ve got blisters becoming calluses or calluses getting blisters on my hands from gripping, lifting, pulling, and swinging. They are a little sore tonight, but so are quite a few of my muscles. It is a good thing, even if I groan a bit when I stretch out my arms. I am getting stronger. Some things are getting somewhat easier.

I did 55 push-ups on Wednesday, which was incredibly tough and exhausting. They weren’t always pretty push-ups, but I did them all. My son gives me a hard time, because I am still doing “girl” push-ups. He can mock me, but he’s not doing 55 push-ups at the end of a workout!

Hard work and calluses aside, I am enjoying my workouts. It is a good feeling to do something you didn’t think you could, to see progress/improvement.

Next week will present a new challenge: almost no carbs!


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