I had my first training session on Monday. My trainer doesn’t want to “kill” me, which means he is going to push me but not beyond what I can reasonably expect to achieve. That first hour session had me breathing a little heavy, and my muscles were rather shaky as I walked to my car. But it was a good first work-out, I think. The time went quickly. I was able to do more than I thought I could, but I wasn’t pushed to do anything I really could not do. Still, I knew that I would feel stiff and sore the next day.

And I did! Today I feel even worse. My triceps are probably the most sore, although my lower back and thighs are also a bit sore. I am not certain what my trainer has in store for me today, but I am hoping that arms are not high on the list. I think I would fall flat on my face if I had to attempt a push-up right now. Still, I am looking forward to another work-out. Does that make me crazy? I think it might. I still cannot believe that I am even using the words “my trainer”.

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