Working Out

I never would have thought that I would use a personal trainer, but there I was this morning at a private gym to meet my new trainer. This really isn’t in the realm of my comfort zone, yet I think all will be good and definitely beneficial. It helps that this is a private, small gym and that there is some connection to my trainer. I don’t know him well yet, but at least he isn’t a complete stranger!

Today was all about taking measurements and testing my flexibility and such. The real work will begin on Monday, then Wednesday, and again on Friday! And this is where I start to hyperventilate just a little. As much as having a trainer and going to a gym make me feel uncomfortable, my mind cannot help but visualize this new insanity being added to my calendar. Three times a week. Right at that already crazy pre-dinner hour.

The panic probably won’t really hit until Monday afternoon, because Mondays were already looking busy. It will be worth it though, right? Yes!


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