I look forward to fall and all that comes along it, but I have to admit that I am feeling somewhat flustered at this moment in time. We are midway through September (already?!), and my world is so much busier than I had anticipated.

We entered the undiscovered country of having a child in university. While this is often strange and unsettling territory for me, I think we are all adjusting rather well. Our youngest child has entered high school, which is just as mind-blowing as having a university student.

This month has also seen the start of another round of trips to the dentist. As of yesterday, four visits have been completed with one yet to go. I hope it is just one more! Our dentist is great, but I still don’t like spending a lot of time there.

But the biggest strain on my schedule is my daughter’s school volleyball schedule. Despite our certainty that she wouldn’t make the team, she did! We are proud of her and supportive, but I am not thrilled with the demands of the team schedule. Actually, we don’t even have a proper schedule yet, but there is practice from 5-7 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. At some point, Thursday will be for games, and there will be tournaments just about every weekend. I am exhausted just thinking about that schedule, and all I need to do is pay the fees, play chauffeur, and watch as many games as I can make. When are these girls supposed to do homework? Have a life outside of school and volleyball? Volunteer in their community? Spend time with friends and family? Abby is completely wiped out by the time she is finished practice each night, and then she still has to shower and do homework and try to get enough sleep to do it all again the next day. It seems a little excessive, to me, for a team that isn’t even the highest level team in the school. And the schedule disrupts dinner preparation and consumption, which is the source of my biggest frustration.

I want to plan meals and get back to healthier, cleaner meals and eating habits, but I find my determination takes a beating when my schedule gets too complicated and busy, especially around the dinner hour. I have been using my crockpot a bit more lately, but I just can’t use it every day. I can possibly push to have my oldest child prepare dinner once a week, but that doesn’t help me for the rest of the week. It’s an overwhelming feeling, and I don’t really like it. And it certainly doesn’t promote eating dinner together as a family.

So, the return to fall routine isn’t as smooth as I had hoped, but at least there is a semblance of routine to cling to.


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