I have flirted with the wheat-free thing for over a year now after reading the book Wheat Belly. Initially, I went without wheat for one week, and I did notice several benefits during that period. Afternoon fatigue, bloating, and lack of energy were no longer a problem. I woke up without feeling groggy. I had enough energy to get through the day. It was a truly positive experience, but I went back to my wheat-eating ways.

Since that original week, I have made changes to my wheat-eating habits. Wheat flour has not been a staple in my pantry for too many months to remember, and I have made and enjoyed numerous wheat-free recipes. In fact, I often go back to some of those recipes, because they are quite delicious. But, I haven’t given up eating wheat completely despite the return of all those yucky physical problems.

I gave up wheat for Lent this year, which amounted to 46 days, I think. While I had no trouble giving up wheat for that time, I rarely felt any difference physically. Once Lent ended, I went back to eating wheat when the mood struck.

This past weekend I made the decision to be more intentional about being wheat-free, so Monday started off with a clean slate. No wheat. No iced capps! (I threw the iced capps in for bonus points. Ha!) And I have done well.

Until tonight when Kane wanted to go to the pub for their Thursday $2 burger deal. I could have declined. I could have gone and chosen a salad. Instead I chose to enjoy the burger without feeling guilty about it, because I don’t want my eating habits to be determined by guilt or shame.  I seldom have a burger at restaurants, because I can be fussy about my burgers. Well, let me say that this was one very tasty burger! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But now I am home, and although it has only been an hour since I ate, I feel gross. My belly is so bloated and unhappy. If this doesn’t reinforce why I should stay away from wheat, I don’t know what will!


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