Four Days in June

June is always a busy month, but we just survived 4 days of memorable milestones. The photos didn’t show up in the proper order, which seems fitting given how mixed up time is in my head right now.

Abby was baptized on Sunday along with three of her friends. The entire service was great. I knew that the day would be an emotional one for me, but I was a little surprised by how quickly I had to choke back tears (during the opening worship song)! This was a decision that Abby made all on her own, and I am incredibly proud of her.

abbybapt abbybapt2

Casey played his very last spring season baseball game Sunday afternoon. What a great game it was! Casey played second base for the first two innings, which is a position that he does not normally play. He prefers centre field, but he performed exceptionally well and accounted for 5 out of the first 6 outs. Then he went in to pitch for the rest of the game, allowing only 2 runs for a 12-2 win to clinch the championship. He hit a beauty of a double for his final bat and was our team’s MVP.

He managed to play so well, even though he had been feeling ill all day and was playing in the heat of the afternoon. My poor boy was completely wiped out once the game was over. He had a fever, a sore throat, felt sick, and went to bed as soon as we got home.

Spring season baseball is over, and all that remains of Casey’s minor baseball career is roughly two weeks of practices and one big All-Star tournament. That’s it, that’s all!

caseyball caseyball2

Last Thursday was graduation day for Casey! The weather did not cooperate with my plans for family photos, but we managed to get a few in at home before we left for the ceremonies.

I love this first photo of my kids. Sam and Abby were just hanging out waiting to be directed, and Casey was being his usual goofy self. I had just finished attaching the camera to the tripod and started snapping. If you look closely, you will notice that there is something wrong with Casey’s tassel. It says 2011 instead of 2013. Somehow the proper tassel was either lost or never made it into Casey’s package with his cap, gown, and stole. He assured me it was in the package when he picked it up, but we could not find it anywhere in the house. So, we borrowed his older brother’s tassel. Fortunately, there were many extra tassels lying around at the church where the ceremonies were held, so Casey was able to use (and keep) a tassel for his own grad year and return Sam’s.

The ceremonies were split into two, because our school has such a large grad class. This year’s class is the second largest ever, roughly 600 students! Of course, we were in the second ceremony, which did not begin until about 8:00 pm and took about two hours. It felt like such a long time to wait, especially when Casey’s time on stage took all of half a minute. Still, it was a proud moment. But reality hasn’t quite set in yet, for me or Casey!


caseygrad caseygrad2


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