A Few of My Favourite Things

  • having someone else wash and brush my hair
  • that weightless, silky feeling my hair has fresh from the hairdresser
  • that my hairdresser is my next-door neighbour
  • text messages from my kids, my husband
  • days off work
  • days off work not crammed with busyness
  • pens, pens, and more pens! coloured inks, funky designs, and functionally smooth
  • that moment when I am sitting outside and almost everything seems to freeze and fade into the background, and I can hear the faintest sounds, see the slightest flutter of a leaf in a tree, and time stands still
  • red maple leaves outside my kitchen windows
  • a ladies’ retreat weekend
  • the hiss of steam when ironing (which is something I seldom hear as I rarely iron!)
  • sharing fan-girl moments with my daughter
  • irises and tulips in bloom in the front yard
  • play-off hockey
  • asparagus season
  • the way forgotten information is often brought to light simply by laying in the dark
  • myfitnesspal
  • barefoot weather
  • the warmth of the sun kissing my face, a gentle breeze to tousle my hair

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