I love my Saturday work days, even if I don’t really enjoy getting up before 5:00 in the morning. If I am going to be up that early, I am glad that it is so that I can go to work on Saturdays. I work with good people, we work hard, and we have a good time in the process.

Today was an exceptionally awesome day! We had a couple of technical glitches and an unexpected tour bus of customers lined up out our doors for lunch, yet we still managed to achieve incredible service times to totally crush the goal I had set for our team. I’m still not really certain how we managed to accomplish that, but I don’t want to take anything away from my co-workers! We work hard and strive to reach our goals every week, so it is so exciting to have had such a successful shift, even if we might not be as successful again for a long time!

I was so excited for our success, for the effort put out by everyone, that I was virtually vibrating as we neared the end of our deadline. Days like this are a big part of why I love working Saturdays. When hard effort and good attitude result in incredible results, you just can’t help being excited and eager for more.

Of course, every Saturday has a 2:00 PM, which is when I am done work for the day, and my brain and body are nearly done for the day! I am amazed that I had enough mental clarity left to even type out this blog post, although I’m sure my recent intake of caffeine is helping me out. At least I can now look forward to Sunday morning, when sleeping in until 7:00 with a hit or two of the snooze button actually feels like sleeping in!


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