It seems I have vertigo, and I am not talking about the Alfred Hitchcock movie. I wobbled my way from the bed to the bathroom yesterday morning, and my head continued to sway and spin throughout the day. After a full day at work, I went to the walk-in clinic and waited and waited and waited. More than 2.5 hours later, I had finally seen the doctor and was on my way home.

There were many times during my wait when I considered simply not waiting to see a doctor. I had a similar bout of dizziness a few years ago, so I was fairly certain of the diagnosis, but I waited anyway. Last time this happened, I had to take a week or so off work. This time, I don’t need to take time off work, but I do need to try to avoid rapid movements and bending over, which isn’t exactly easy to do with my job. Yesterday was not a very fun day at work, because I felt so terrible. I am hoping that I can position myself in the “safest” place at work tomorrow, although I don’t think there really is a task that doesn’t require a lot of fast movement and bending. It’s funny, in an ironic kind of way, that I am okay enough to do my job but not okay to drive!

But I guess I can still be thankful. My head may be spinning, but I am not experiencing any nausea. Just headaches. I am thankful tomorrow is my shortest work day of the week, and I am off work on Thursday. Maybe I will be feeling less spinny by Friday?

You know what frustrates me the most about being hit with vertigo right now? It interferes with my intentions to begin exercising this week. Now that my leg muscles have stopped screaming at me for last week’s first little run in four months, I was planning on going for another little run on Thursday, which probably wouldn’t be a good idea when your balance is a little wonky. And all I can think about is the three-week goal to run once a week I just set on my Nike+ page…and how I will have failed right off the start.


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