The Juggler

I am looking forward to my first day back to work after multiple weeks of recovery from my surgery at the end of November. The past month and a half has been quite surreal. I sometimes feel as if my surgery took place in a dream that I have yet to wake up from. Recovery has been so easy. Time has moved so slowly. It is amazing just how slowly time appears to move when you have nowhere you must be and very little you can do! But I did enjoy my time of rest and recovery. As I already mentioned, it was easy, so I have been eager to get back to real life for a while, even though I remained obedient to my doctor’s orders.

Still, as glad as I am to be back to work tomorrow, I am equally glad to have a lighter first week. I fear I will be insanely rusty, although I suspect that various things will come flooding back once I get started. There are several new faces and multiple changes that I will need to familiarize myself with. My feet will likely be sore by the end of my shift, and my body will be tired. It will all be good though.

But there is a new cause for panic! Many months ago I signed up for a free online university course through Coursera. Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention is a 6-week course that begins a week from tomorrow. I was looking forward to this course, even though part of me has been terrified that I have jumped into something well over my head. Well, a few weeks ago, while browsing the Coursera site, I came across another course that interested me, Fundamentals of Human Nutrition. There was no  start date listed for this course yet, so I signed up thinking that I would be done my first course by the time this one began.

This afternoon I received an email from Coursera stating that the Fundamentals of Human Nutrition course begins this Tuesday! As in 2 days! This course is 10 weeks long, which means I will be doing two courses at the same time, along with working, taking care of my family, and being involved in two separate Bible study groups. What did I get myself into?

The thought of taking one course is daunting enough. I haven’t been a “student” for a long, long time. I know my grammar and punctuation skills are woefully rusty. I have absolutely no idea what to even expect from an online course, and every voice inside my head is telling me that I cannot do this. And that was when I thought I would be doing one course at a time! Now that I am going to be doing two courses…yikes!

I just don’t know that I can juggle all those balls. I can easily drop one of the courses, and that is definitely something that will be an option kept in my back pocket; however, I wonder if I can do it. Can I juggle enough to make it through the next couple of months? Would I be happy with myself if I didn’t even try?


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